Workshop for Pre-Hospital and Emergency Department At KHMER SOVIET HOSPITAL

September 13rd, WORKSHOP AT KHMER SOVIET HOSPITAL! On September 13rd, SBSI held the second workshop for Pre-hospital and Emergency Department workers by 3 Japanese experts at Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital(KSFH). The trainers were Mr. Ken Tsuhako (Kawasaki City Fire Department), Mr. Tomoya Kinoshi (Kokushikan Univ. Research Associate), Shota Tanaka (ATC, NREMT―USA), who gave good lectures that include showing of video clips of the actual rescue scenes, demonstration of how to deal with knife stabs, abdominal eviscerations, etc., to 30 participants. At the end, there was a demonstration of on-site activities by the ambulance team in the hospital, using a Japanese ambulance. Mr. Matsuzaki and his staff from ISSHIN and Ms. Misa Yokota, a paramedic, helped the worksho.

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