About Side by Side International?

The purpose of NPO Side By Side International (SBSI) is,
both in Japan and overseas, to improve the lives of people
who are faced with poverty and disaster or other difficult situations,
and to expand humanitarian assistance activities.
With international NGO Cambodian government recognition,
SBSI has transported from Japan to Cambodia ambulances and other emergency vehicles,
and 119 emergency medical system equipment which has helped in strengthening of support of public clinics and hospitals.
We also support schools and nursing homes.

Side by Side International 2014-12-24 Ambulance donation ceremony at Phnom Penh City hall 6 3478_797036967067837_3913960041325650853_n

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Bank Transfer Mizuho Bank Setagaya Branch
Ordinary Account 2223876 Side By Side

Postal saving symbol: 10170-52836371 Side by Side

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