We are asking for your support for the activities of certified NPO corporation side-by-side international .
Donations are not subject to donation deduction specified by the NTA.
Please contact the office for details.

About donation deduction (tax incentive measures) to certified NPO corporation

Side-by-Side International (SBSI) is certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as an “authorized NPO corporation”. As a result, if you receive a donation to SBSI, you can receive tax incentives such as donation deduction. A receipt issued by SBSI is necessary to receive these tax incentives.

Donation payee

Bank Transfer Mizuho Bank Setagaya Branch
Ordinary Account 2223876 Side By Side

Postal   saving symbol: 10170-52836371 Side by Side

Transfer with credit card

Please click on the donation button on the bottom right to remit through PayPal.

We also accept humanitarian relief supplies .

  • Medical equipment and pharmaceuticals – For hospitals doing examinations to the poor in Cambodia
  • Ambulance and Fire Trucks, Jeep – For Emergency Assistance in Third World Countries
  • Vans and trucks – for transporting relief supplies both at home and abroad
  • Computers and peripherals – For remote therapy for hospitals and schools in third world countries, and for remote areas.
  • Food and clothing items – for the poor people both at home and abroad for the support of the disaster victims in the event of a disaster
  • Stationery – for the educational support of the children of the third countries and for the support to nursing homes in the country
  • Warehouse space – for storage and work of supporting supplies

In addition, members are also widely recruiting. If you wish to join, please visit this page .

Alternatively, please contact us if you can directly assist side-by-side international volunteer activities in and outside of the country.
Mail: mail@side-by-side-intl.org