Workshop on Initial steps of emergency care for trauma cases (15/03/19)

SBSI&ANTAA from Japan held a workshop for 60 medical staff in Calmette Hospital . Dr. Nakayama, Dr.Ezaki and Ms. Nishiyama gave a wonderful workshop, titled “Initial steps of emergency care for trauma cases  –How to minimize Preventable Trauma Deaths(PTD) on March 15.  They showed many examples and threw questions on each emergency case, how to assess and/or treat the patient. The attendees who gave correct answers were rewarded with Shiroi Koibito chocolate cookies from Hokkaido!   Dr. Nareth(Emergency doctor) and Mr. Seang(Head of training nurses) from the hospital assisted the workshop.    Later SBSI & ANTAA held the same workshop at National Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital (KSFH).