Empowering the Nurse Through the Development of New Skills

SBSI held a workshop in the morning on the 30th of May for nurses and doctors at Calmette Hospital.
The lectures were given by Prof. Claude Rochen, Ms. Amber Smid (from Wisconsin) and Ms. Hailey Nygard from Colorado. Mr. Seang Sochea and Dr. Chhor Nareth from the hospital, Mr. Rathana Ly from UHS, and Ms. Susan Thomas, a special nurse from UK, assisted the workshop.
Professor Claude gave a lectures on Topic Cardiac & ECG’s
Ms. Smid Ms. Nygard gave a lecture on Respiratory NICU/ PICU & Family Centered Care and Clinical ADN & BSN Theory.
These wonderful teachers taught 63 nurses and doctors, Everyone was eager to learn and truly happy to get more and better knowledge about diagnostic measures and treatment. Many questions were asked and answered. SBSI is going to continue to contribute to the improvement of skill and knowledge of medical staff in Cambodia. (Some photos are not clear because I forgot my camera that day. )

Workshop for 12 Pediatric Doctors and Nurse at Khmer Soviet Hospital

SBSI held a workshop for 12 pediatric doctors and nurse at Khmer Soviet Hospital on April 25th.
Ms. Susan Thomas, who was a special nurse on pediatric intensive care in England, taught resuscitation and first aid.The class also included how to use AED machine on children.
In spite of the heavy rain outside, the participants were busy learning and practicing the life saving skills, some of them will be taught to the mothers of patients by them later.