Advance EKG Interpreting Special Workshop

SBSI held an Advance EKG interpreting special workshop near Khmer Soviet Hospital on January 21st. Mr. Bud Hattaway prepared a special power-point material for this class in order to help the participants to learn about many different cases. Overall the class was lively and participants, both doctors, nurses and medical students were happy to attend it. Of course, this short workshop is not enough for the perfect interpretation. Mr. Bud encouraged them to “practice, practice, practice” reading hundreds of waves at their hospitals or even on Internet.

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Emergency Medical Services Training at Calmette Hospital

On January 20th 2017 at Calmette Hospital. The class was given by Mr. Bud Hattaway from MTI again. There were 21 participants, including 18 medical staff from the hospital and some internship students.
This was the sequence of the first workshop held in December last year. The lesson was even more exciting with all the participants who eager to learn. Ms. Sarim (MTI) and Mr. Rathana (UHS students and SBSI Intern) gave good translation too. At the end, the certificates from Calmette Hospital, SBSI and MTI were handed to the participants.
This is a part of the SBSI’s program to enhance Emergency Medical Services in the kingdom. “Khmer help Khmer!” “The Khmer lives should be saved by Khmer people!” We, SBSI staff and Mr. Bud, all hope that the skill they learned from these workshops can used to save lives in the emergency medical scenes.

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“Basic Life Support (BLS) for baby, young children and adult” at Preah Kossamak Hospital

On September 23, Side by Side International (SBSI) hosted an impressive workshop, “Basic Life Support (BLS) for baby, young children and adult” at Preah Kossamak Hospital. There were 59 participants including medical doctors, nurses, interns and medical students. In this 4-hour workshop, the lectures were given by a Japanese doctor, Dr. Shogo Akabame, Japanese nurse, Ms. Shiho Miyauchi and Dr. Tunchhum Rathanak from MTI.
BLS is a level of medical care which is used for victims of life-threatening illnesses or injuries until they can be given full medical care at a hospital. This workshop gave opportunity for the medical staff who didn’t have knowledge about BLS to learn it and other staff who had knowledge but never practiced with mannequin and AEDs to practice with the guidance from experts. We believe this will help them to conduct the BLS to the emergency patients, which will increase the possibility for them to survive. SBSI will continue those medical workshops to educate medical workers and students, in order to increase the survival rate of the victims in this country.

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