Basic EKG Rhythm Interpretation

SBSI hosted a workshop, “Basic EKG Rhythm Interpretation” on 17 December 2016 at Calmette Hospital. The 4.5 hours class was given by Mr. Bud Hattaway from MTI. There were 31 participants, including 4 doctors, 18 nurses and 13 medical students from UHS and UP.
The objective of the EKG training is to help all medical workers who work in heath sectors including interns, nurses and medical doctors to expand their knowledge in reading patient’s EKG. This workshop was so impressive and extremely helpful for them for examining or making diagnose for patients who have any heart problems.
At the beginning of the workshop, Mr. Bud Hattaway taught on the general anatomy and general function of human heart, then class on reading EKG. We found out that all the participants were interested in learning EKG. Moreover, they want to continuously learn this again soon.
Overall, this workshop is very helpful to them. If they know and be able to read EKG well, they will know when any problem arises to their patients. Dear Mr. Bud and Ms. Chhel Sarim from MTI, Thank you for your warm cooperation. (by Ly Rathana, SBSI intern and a student of UHS). 

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Emergency Room at Khmer Soviet Hospital

On October 28th, Ms. Shiho Miyauchi (Japanese nurse) and I (Akiko Sasaki, SBSI) stayed overnight at ER (Emergency room) at Khmer Soviet Hospital for observation and for checking the usage of two bedside monitors, a defibrillator donataed and an ECG through SBSI. Many emergency patients arrived there through the night. The ER accept about 70 to 80 patients a day, in spite of limited resources. SBSI have been supporting the hospital since 2008, in order to increase the survival rate of those patients by providing ambulances, medical equipment and training for the medical staff.

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On September 21st, SBSI held a health check at Hands of Hope Community (hhc) with cooperation of Dr. Shogo Akabame and nurse Ms. Shiho Miyauchi. They worked with SBSI’s Dr. Sokharany Heng. Hhc Cambodia is a center for children with intellectual/ physical disabilities. (

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First Aid for Mothers

On August 21st, SBSI had a SPECIAL SUMMER LESSON on the first aid for mothers with co-operation from Mrs. Hin Theany.Dr. Phearith from the Calmette Hospital taught the CPR and how to treat children when they got burn, choked, etc. Ms. Deborah Quilliam taught on water safety and what to do when the children were drowned. The mother who came had many good questions and eager to learn. In this country many people don’t know how to swim and every year many children’s lives are lost due to drowning, even in the swimming pools! So upon the request from the mothers, SBSI held this special class.

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Rescuing Injured Patients and Basic Life Support (BLS)

On September 13th, SBSI held the 3rd workshop by 3 Japanese paramedics in Phnom Penh. The trainers, Mr. Tsuhako, Mr. Kinoshi from Kokushikan Univ., and Mr. Tanaka gave good lectures and demonstration on rescuing injured patients and Basic Life Support (BLS) to 41 military doctors and police at Phnom Penh Gendarmerie (Military Police HQ). . Mr. Matsuzaki and his staff from ISSHIN Co. Ltd., Ms. Misa Yokota, a paramedic, Ms. Shiho Miyauchi, a Japanese nurse, also assisted the workshop. Thank you everyone for working hard to help Cambodians to save Cambodians.

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