We had “Doctor G’s Case Files” in Cambodia.

(Oct.4-6, 2017) We had “Doctor G’s Case Files” in Cambodia. (“Doctor G” is a famous Japanese TV program on which young doctors try to come to a correct diagnosis through different factors, including watching “re-play” videos, results of medical tests, patients’ life habits, medical history, etc. )
From October 4th to 6th, 2017, Dr. Shogo Akabame, a general doctor, visited three national hospitals(Khmer Soviet Friendship, Kossamak, and Calmette Hospital) to hold the case study work shop. Dr. Shogo, upon the request from Side by Side, he prepared a case study for attendees with many slides. The main purpose for the workshop is not to teach about one specific disease. It is to help the medical staff, instead of judging quickly based on their knowledge and past experiences, but to come up with diagnostic imaging and differential diagnosis, considering variety of possibilities of disease. The accurate diagnosis is imperative for the appropriate treatment which results in early recovery of the patients. (In Cambodia, most cases, family of the patients must stay at the hospital to take care of the patients.)